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In Education Capsule, we offer one-to-one personalized and adaptive sessions for students from Key Stage 1 to 3 to help prepare their curriculum. The tutors in Education Capsule are masters in their subject field and are committed to offering creative and flexible lessons from the curriculum, specifically in the subjects- of Science, Maths, English, and IT with exceptional preparation in Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. We do not compromise on quality and guide the students with step-by-step teaching methods by assessing the style and needs of students by dealing with issues and struggles of pupils with the help of flexible and innovative solutions. We recognize the significance of enabling the students to look beyond the curriculum in order to expand their understanding and knowledge by satisfying intellectual inquisitiveness. Our broader and more informative program aims to offer the children opportunities to curtail themselves academically for attaining their personal best.

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